Q: Do you ship Worldwide
A: Yes we can ship Worldwide

Q: Can you set me up as a rental partner on the inflatable.pub website
A: Yes after you pay the deposit we add your company details to the rental partner's page on our website which is on average receiving over 1000 hits per day and approx. 70% of those are clicking on rental partners. We do not charge for this, our intention is to get you so many bookings you will need to order more pubs from us.
That's why we spend so much time and money on PR and advertising, we make the stories go viral.

Q: Do you provide rental help, tips, advice, disclaimers, terms & conditions etc.
A: Once you purchase we give you access to a shared folder with disclaimer forms, tips, photos and videos the can be used for marketing/advertising etc.

Q: I have seen similar pub for sale elsewhere
A: There are now lots of badly made copies and also some manufacturers use our photos to try and convenience you that they have made the units, you will order something and receive something very different, they claim of using PVC and good stitching, that is not the case. You will also not be made aware of all other hidden charges like import taxes, handling fee, customs broker fees, customs charges, port warehouse storage fees etc.

Q: Does anyone own the rights of the pubs
A: We own the rights to 100% of the designs and trademarks.

Q: Can the units be personalized.
A: Yes the units can be personalized and also all signs are removable, you can print more personalized signs at a very low price at your local print store.

Q: How do I order

A: Order directly from the website or contact for a quote 

Q: How do I make payment
A: We can take 40% down payment and 60% before shipping, we will send you photos and video clips of your own pub.
You can pay via bank transfer (wire) or debit/credit card, www.wise.com, www.stripe.com or www.worldpay.com