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SimpleMost.com – Buy Or Rent An Inflatable Bar For Your Backyard

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Inflatable Pub Features on Insider

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Inflatable Pub Features on ITV’s This Morning

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About Us

Inflatable.Pub brought the Inflatable Pop-up Pubs to the worldwide inflatable market. We have a vast knowledge of the  Rental and Sales Markets. You will see lots of copies but none to the standard of Inflatable.pub. Make sure to look out for the inflatable.pub brand when purchasing and renting

Worldwide sales of customised units in all shapes and sizes, we can even make a replica of your own Pub or your favourite Pub, shop, winery, restaurant, etc.

We offer Worldwide rental partners and reseller packages of our unique designed Inflatable Pubs.

We also offer a consultancy service for start up’s, existing businesses, Public Liability, training, etc.

We have 5 units in all shapes and sizes and are economical and safe and is the only unit that complies with Health & Safety / Risk Management.

The only supplier for rental and sales of inflatable pubs worldwide to comply with all safety standards required, (lower deflate rate if power cut, stronger support beams, extra weight compartments, yearly tested units and electrical equipment etc.)